Oktoberfest with the Rommels

As the kids would say, the Rommels “Oktoberfest” was, es tut mir leid, nada que ver.

The parking lot ambiance. The Corona plastic cups, Coca Cola tables and chairs (gratis, woo-hoo), just alright food, a low fi sound system aka grabadorcita playing tinny German party music and a 9:30 PM closing time (strictly and unceremoniously enforced) were a sharp contrast to the over the top effort made over at the BierHaus by lederhosen-clad Jürgen.

The Critic endured this little soiree thanks to the insistence of his paisano dentist buddy who thought it was fantastic because it was so cheap. Cheap, yes, definitely. Fantastic? Hardly.

2 thoughts on “Oktoberfest with the Rommels

  1. Well, the Oktoberfest was at least a little bit more authentic than the Lederhosen Juergens Bierhaus which is not really famous for his food. Good thing he just sold beer at the Oktoberfest. Sure it could be better but what will you expect in Yucatan ? It was already something and it can get better maybe next time Sure it was cheap but how will you get people in there if you charge original Oktoberfest prices ?? You can not buy nice furniture for this price. Maybe somebody can donate it ? Overall it was something different from the Yucatan boring fiestas and people liked it . I know of course the original Oktoberfest and so I would say it was not that bad for a Yucatecan copy. Hasta la proxima !!

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