Frijol con Puerco – A Monday Tradition

Usually made on Mondays because it was “easy” to prepare, frijol con puerco is a true Yucatecan classic I have come to love.

There is the colorful, aromatic array of finely chopped condiments (above), with onions, radishes, limones and plenty of exotic cilantro; these are added to your plate according to your preferences. I’m not a huge fan of onion breath myself so I don’t put more than a teaspoons worth in mine.

Another selection of condiments offered included chopped cucumber, a first for me (below) and creamy avocado which of course helps to boost the dish’s already stratospheric calorie count.

In addition to the condiments there should be a fresh roasted tomato salsa as well as fire-toasted habanero chiles ground with the juice of freshly picked limones, preferably from the obligatory backyard tree.

Once it’s all mixed and prepared as you like it, roll up a hot tortilla, grab that spoon with the other hand and dig in.

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5 thoughts on “Frijol con Puerco – A Monday Tradition

  1. lovely, one of my favorite meals! hadn’t considered the cucumber or avacado before, I just may try the cucumber, especially if I slip in a bit too much habanero….

  2. Hey, Vil

    Am I imagining things, or have more and more of the cocinas economicas in Merida stopped offering frijol con puerco over the past couple of years?

    I seem to have noticed it less and less on the menus they advertise.

    I was thinking that perhaps the economic crisis has created more cocinas economicas, and with the increased competition they’re all under pressure to offer something different and eye-catching, and since frijol con puerco is something everyone’s already familiar with, it’s less apt to pull in business.

  3. Could be. I think it might also be too labor-intensive with all those condimentos; it’s easier to bread a chicken breast and fry it, serve w beans and rice y vamonos!

  4. That is my favorit meal in yucatan meals. Poke, I am not a pork person but black bean & habanero souce white rice with kimchi, make my day. I am going to learn how to do it. We got slow cooker so I will try suk’s style little twist.

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