Pimienta – Good Seafood-y Pasta

The Casual Restaurant Critic had driven by the restaurant called Pimienta, located just a few blocks beyond the Consulado de los Estados Unidos de America, when heading south-north, just before the street opens up to reveal the estadio Salvador Alvarado on the left.  The Critic had also heard some rumors and whispers that this little restaurant was actually pretty good.

So, upon hearing that dear friends were going to visit and were requesting the dubious pleasure of the Critics company, he dusted off his dancing shoes and took the Better Half along with Miss Tenerife and joined aforementioned DearFriends for dinner.

And what a surprise! Pimienta, whose owner was on hand to welcome the group, is indeed a little gem of a restaurant with great food, an elegant room and a waiter with a personality.

As far as food goes, there was pasta had by all. From green linguine buried in a delicious red sauce that the BetterHalf raved about the next day to the scallops in the Fruti di Mare pasta had (for the first time ever) by Miss Tenerife to the Mona Lisa had by the Critic to the pasta with shrimp and an appetizing chunk of meat whose names escape the Critic as usual; all were delicous!

Appetizers included tender, zesty flavored mushrooms sauteed with guajillo chile and sprinkled cheese on top and bruschetta.

Desserts were had as well, although there was absolutely no need to subject the groups digestive system to such abuse; a homemade Tiramisu, a light, just right lemon mousse and a dark chocolate pyramid.

Service was friendly and for the most part right there when needed (ocasionally he could have been a little more attentive) with the only quibble being that the he could have ironed his shirt to be more in keeping with the rest of the dining room which was impeccable.

All in all a pleasant surprise. Recommended!

8 thoughts on “Pimienta – Good Seafood-y Pasta

  1. I’ve only had the salmon there, and I’ve been several times. I always intend to try something else but the salmon is so good it calls to me. Glad you enjoyed it, I hope it stays in business so the more people who go there the better.

    My god man, now you’re picking at the lack of ironing?

  2. From your dear friend who finds your company far from a dubious pleasure! The pasta with shrimp was Camarones al Chipotle: fettucine (the menu says spaghetti but they happily substituted fettucine) with shrimp cooked in tequila and served with a sauce made of tomato, chipotle, and cream. Simply divine. And the chunk of meat had by my Better Half was Tuna Moné, a marinated and grilled tuna filet and covered in caramelized onions, sesame seeds, and served with salad and mashed potatoes. Also yummy according to my BH!

    I took lots of pictures which will be on our website on Dec. 15.

    I did not notice the unironed shirt.

  3. Hi WilliamLawson, Per your recommendation (and some others) I visited Pimienta with some clients, and also had a pleasant meal in tranquil surroundings. Everything we each had was really delicious and perfectly cooked, and the waiter’s shirt was nicely pressed! The wine list was pretty extensive for a smallish place too. Great to have new dining options here in Merida. Enjoy!

  4. Perhaps the regular cook was out for the day, or perhaps we picked the wrong things to order, but I went with a few friends a couple of weeks ago and everything was blasted beyond oblivion with salt.

    In a country where the minimum wage is less than sixty pesos a day, I expect an entree that costs more than a day’s wages to be pretty damn good.

  5. Glad you enjoyed it Keith; sorry you didn’t Sr. ExPat! The Critic probably eats too much salt but thought the food was fine in the sodium department; everything was seasoned just right for this grumpy Critic.

    And the Critic never compares wages of this or any country with the price of a meal, that would be too depressing! 🙂

  6. I must drive past this place twice a day. I’ve never seen you or anyone else except a lonely man standing near the doorway dividing his time between watching the ubiquitous flat screen and the ubiquitous traffic. My new rule for trying a new place is that 6 people I trust tell me it’s good. Since there are only about 4 people I trust I seldom eat out any more. With so many guests coming for xxxmas I might go ‘out on a linb’ and break down and try the place. Prices I assume are ridiculous?

  7. Oh Urbano – you are too picky! 🙂 This is not Nobu but it is a decent little place. Prices were on the high side but the Critic didn’t feel ripped off.

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