Rafaellos Pizza

One word: Go!

Well, that (above) was the original post. Pizza, the Casual Restaurant Critic has found, is like wine or your favorite sexual position; everyone has an opinion and they are convinced that their choice is the best. If you like your pizzas with an ultra thin crust, baked to perfection in a wood fired oven to the point where they have little pockets of black charring in some places on the crust, covered with ingredients of the finest quality including delicious meats like Italian sausage, salamis and prosciutto and fine cheeses from Gorgonzola to Parmigiano, then Rafaellos Pizzeria will be your pizzeria of choice from now on.

The Critic has often said that Bostons Pizza makes what is probably Meridas best pizza, and theirs is still a very satisfying option; so much better than the drab, flavorless ultra-hyped pizze mass-produced by Dominos and Pizza Hut, but now this Rafaellos is firmly tied for top spot in the Merida’s Best Pizza category.

The restaurant is tiny and open in the evenings only; there is a small air conditioner that struggles to keep the place cool and the tables are wooden and it just feels like an Italian neighborhood pizza joint, complete with the Italian pizza chef in the kitchen.

The photo below is of the 4 cheese pizza with anchovies. Yum!

Calle 60 at 49.


6 thoughts on “Rafaellos Pizza

  1. My brother and I loved the pizza, and the ambiance courtesy of the parrot squawking somewhere in the back. It was open for lunch when we went. Have the hours changed?

  2. Hi Debbie – apparently yes. Not too much business during the middle of the day so he is concentrating on being open evenings. That’s what I was told anyway…

  3. Top 2? Drive Inn is not considered as a top pizza place? (the original one by Colon Ave.) Greetings my friend!

  4. So weird – I was looking at your Facebook page and then checked my Hotmail account and here is your comment!!

    You know, I have never been to Drive Inn – is it even still open? I know they have some ongoing battle with the owners of that little plaza… but honestly, “it doesn’t call me”

    However, if you think it is worth trying, I will go, in the interest of research, of course.

    Saludos back!

  5. I love rafaellos too! is one of the few must-go-places in merida, although not many people knows it.
    I run a very small blog about food in merida too and i put your page as one reference, it is very small, and is in spanish. I’ll leave you the link in case you like to check it http://pandemuerta.blogspot.com/ and if you have any recomendations about places to go will be nicely welcome. Greetings

  6. Thanks for stopping by Delta! Best thin crust pizza in town, I believe! (Best thick crust pizza is Bostons, IMHO) I will visit your food blog now!


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