HSBC and their Screwy Online Banking

If you are unlucky enough to be dealing with HSBC in any capacity, you will no doubt be familiar with their lackadaisical service, their never-ending charges for all kinds of ‘services’ in dealing with what is essentially your money and their flaky online banking.

This mornings attempt to pay some taxes online was yet another incursion into their frustrating world.

The video below shows the popup window from hell; the one that never goes away and makes it impossible to close your browser window, necessitating a reboot of your computer. Thank you HSBC for these heart-pumping moments of throw-your-coffee-cup-at-your-monitor fury.


5 thoughts on “HSBC and their Screwy Online Banking

  1. OMG! What an insanely frustrating experience. I can relate. My husband and I used to have HSBC for our business account, but we got so frustrated we closed it and went to Scotiabank. Well guess what, if you use a Mac you cannot even log in to their online banking (you can for personal accounts, but not empresas). Then they have the nerve to charge me 2400 pesos per year for this nonexistent internet banking. I forgot they were going to deduct this fee at the end of April, and although I had money in the account (the mandatory TEN THOUSAND PESOS minimum balance), once they deducted the 2400 pesos my balance went below the 10,000 minimum and so THEY CHARGED ME A PENALTY OF 300 PESOS. How infuriating is that.

  2. Wow that is nuts! I just now had a check bounce because HSBC slipped in a charge for falling below my minimum sales requirement for their POS credit card terminal. Not enough sales? No problem, we’ll charge you!

    Of course, now I get charged for NSF on that check from “my” bank and an even bigger fee from the other bank. And did I mention the deposit tax taken directly from my account just last week?

    Is it any wonder that people are resorting to cash only?

    Are all banks everywhere this voracious?

  3. You probably haven’t dealt with Chase or Wells Fargo lately…outrageous fees = blatant, sanctioned robbery!

  4. I suppose that this kind of activity is everywhere then?

    Thanks Ben for stopping by!

  5. JUST SO YOU KNOW…the other day I went to the local CONDUSEF office to file a complaint about a Banorte branch which is being very uncooperative in helping me to recover the 5000 pesos which did not fall down into the exit tray from their ATM machine but which my bank in Canada has debited from my account as if I received the cash when doing the withdrawal (that’s another whole story). Anyway, the very helpful woman at CONDUSEF (for those who don’t know, it is a federal organization which helps bank users get fair treatment from financial institutions) told me that HSBC is the WORST Mexican bank for online security; she said it is a joke. So beware. She told me a lot of other scary things too, among them: “El sistema bancario en Mexico es una porquería”.

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