New PhotoBook on Meridas Fabulous Doors Now Available!

My good pal and associate Ralf has published a new photobook of a very small selection of Merida’s beautiful doors, taken in downtown Merida one sunny afternoon! If you like reading this blog and have found some use for the information contained herein, you can support the effort and get an attractive Merida souvenir at the same time! Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “New PhotoBook on Meridas Fabulous Doors Now Available!

  1. I remember commenting after you published some photos of doors a few months ago that the collection would make a nice “coffee table” book. Well, here it is! Great job. I’m ordering one.
    Also checking out the ‘Make Your Own Book’ site. It makes me want to publish something.

  2. Yes, you DID!

    This is an ideal coffee table book for very small coffee tables!! I had a test book sent to my daughter in Vancouver and she said it looked very nice!

    Thank you!!

  3. I will get a hard paper book for my screenporch coffe table. Good job, y do keep writing a book & I am keep buying a book. Cheers SB

  4. Thanks Suk – please keep in mind that this is a SMALL book – that’s why it’s called The Little Book of Merida Doors – so make sure it is for a SMALL coffee table; it would look best on an end table actually.

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