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Today I was shopping in Walmart City Center (because there’s nothing like doing some grocery shopping on December 23rd, right?) and decided to walk over to the newly opened La Europea store.

La Europea is the well-known wine and liquor shop in Cancun that also has gourmet food items and a sandwich bar featuring fine hams and other cold cuts. They just opened their Merida location in the City Center mall, where a food court was destined to be but never materialized.

Walking in, you are looked at, walked by and generally ignored by each and every employee you come across. There are boxes all over the place and plenty of paper strewn on the floor. An employee in “Ignore Client” mode, pushes a broom lackadaisically ignoring you as she meanders past. The shelves are somewhat sparsely populated; in particular the chips were one bag to a shelf, indicating a last minute attempt to fill retail space with something – anything. I was pleased however, to find some jars of white asparagus that was NOT from China (see earlier post on Superama) but rather imported from Peru.

The whisky selection seems a little more extensive than that found at COVI, with a greater selection of Kentucky and Tennessee whiskies on display. All the other brands of Scotch, vodkas and rums are ones you will find elsewhere in Merida, from Costco to Walmart to Sams to the aforementioned COVI.

Like Superama, this is a store that is marketed to appeal to a clientele that is interested in quality. However their service, just like Superama and from what I witnessed today, is nowhere near anything resembling good or even mediocre. It sucks.

With employees completely indifferent to your presence you will be much better served and enjoy a much more pleasant shopping experience at the store whose name begins with a C and ends with an I which I am hesitant to name again so as not to be accused of owning stock in the company, which I don’t.

4 thoughts on “La Europea – Nada Que Ver

  1. They are certainly a bit disorganized, it is true! But December must be the craziest month to open. I’m going to give them time to get it together. Check out their website with its online store to see what they are truly capable of: (over 1750 red wine labels alone!) William Lawson whiskey is 381 pesos for the 12-year-old, and 110 pesos for the 5-year-old. Their 116-page catalog is impressive.

  2. Went in a few days ago and was totally ignored. The employees were busy talking to each other. In the bread area there was no bread. Finally asked one of them if they carried Portuguese wine and was told I think so…huh?! Followed him around the store as he was lost to were the wine was and finally located one (1) yes one bottle of Lancers. Guess I’ll go to chedraui at least they carry Lancers & Mateus wine and have more then one bottle. Oh plus they have Portuguese beer!

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