Casual Restaurant Critic at Pan & Kof.fee

OK thanks very much – the anticipation of going to Paris and sitting in a sidewalk cafe, munching on fresh baguettes with butter is now a thing of the past. It appears that the folks at Pan & Kof.fee are trying to discourage travel to France with their most amazing baguettes, croissants, and pain au chocolat.

The Critic has not tried bread this good since discovering Monique’s sourdough and Petite Delice’s pastries, so whenever you are downtown, do stock up. Recommended are the baguettes and the ciabatta as the loaf had too much air in it and the butter and jam went directly through the holes in the bread and onto my plate.

The restaurant – it is a restaurant as well – is drop-dead gorgeous and you can see the bakers in action with their ovens on the second floor, which is clever. Staff are beyond friendly and completely bilingual, at least the ones that looked after the Critic and his Better Half.

Located on 43 at 58 more or less behind the Palacio Canton museum or whatever it is this week.

7 thoughts on “Casual Restaurant Critic at Pan & Kof.fee

  1. Hola Ralf from rainy Alabama! I’m looking forward to trying this soon although it will be quite a few more steps for me than my current fav, SOCO! But isn’t it on 43, not 53?? Hope all is well with you and yours!!!

  2. Yes! You are absolutely right and I thank you for picking up on this error. Have made the correction in the article and on Facebook. My bad!!

  3. Love the chocolate croissant. Love the avocado toast with a perfectly poached egg. Love the coffee. Love the ambiance and service. Reasonably priced. Winner winner

  4. Definitey. Love the baguette by itself with some good butter and if you push me a little further, a little bit of brie. Yum.

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