The Casual Restaurant Critic – Luciano’s Ristorante Italiano

Lucianos Interior

A Gaggle of Teens

The Casual Restaurant Critic – hungry and celebrating with Better Half the recuperation of a lost item which will be explained at some point but not right now – decided on lunch at the new Italian restaurant called Lucianos, located in that bastion of fashionable Merida mall-ness, Plaza Altabrisa.

There was only a table of young kids celebrating a birthday or something with pizzas and giggles in the entire restaurant which is huge, covering the corner second level of the mall, directly over Chili’s restaurant. About a hundred waiters abound and one is immediately struck with the thought that it is a lot like Italianni’s (Gran Plaza) and the now defunct Contenti’s (remember that one adjacent to and a part of Friday’s?). A hostess takes a name and leads you inside.

The noise level will probably be too high for many of my readers, who often prefer something a little more tranquilo, but on this occasion at least, a Ricky Martin concert on all the restaurants video screens accompanied by the ‘music’ on the sound system drowned out the possibility of any conversation but a word to the waiter changed that. Actually, the exchange went something like this:

Better Half  – “Excuse me, but I think we are not going to stay because we really can’t talk here”

Waiter – *grin*

Better Half – “Is that OK then, if we leave?”

Waiter – *grinning* “um, OK”

As Better Half turned to the Critic incredulously, Waiter disappeared and magically, a moment later, the volume went down to a more normal level. Loud enough to make the place seem more exciting than it actually is, but low enough that you can actually talk to the person sitting across from you.

The Critic and Better Half both ordered pizzas; 4 cheese with anchovies and pepperoni. Both were fine, but it was not an OMG moment featuring groaning and mouthgasms. No, it was a decent pizza, but you can do better at Rafaello’s downtown or Boston around the corner or Bella Roma out in the sticks.

All in all, the Critic might be back to try the pastas, but for the time being, is not in any rush to do so.



7 thoughts on “The Casual Restaurant Critic – Luciano’s Ristorante Italiano

  1. Oh phooey, Paul, the pizza at Boston’s in Alta Brisa is hand stands above the Boston’s Pizza up in Canada!

  2. I was talking about Bostons by the Gran Plaza though they are probably the same. The best pizza I have found here is Pomodoro on avenida campeche.

  3. The best pizza for that thin crust wood fired oven experience is Bella Roma or Rafaellos. The best thick crust pizza is definitely Boston’s.

  4. We like the thin crust style, where is Rafaello’s or Bella Roma. I do remember the pizza due north of Cafe Chocolate on 60 was excellent just iffy parking & I have heard good things about Rescaldo’s too but we are only in Merida for lunch on wednesdays & they dont open until 6pm.

  5. Rafaellos is on the corner of 49 and 60 so it is probably the one you tried. You can parl on 49. Bella Roma is another story entirely. They are in Las Americas, the fraccionamiento, not the mall and to get there you will need the patience of Job as you navigate the residential area. BUT – it is on your way to and from Merida. They are open for dinner I think mostly and always packed. Make a reservation if you can.

    Drive off Progreso Highway at Dzitya exit and drive towards Dzitya. Go through one set of lights and come upon a tiny roundabout and to your right, LAs Americas. Giant new development. Go straight in and continue on until you come to a HUGE glorieta, go left, following the traffic and continue along, slowing down now, until you come to 80 street (I hope this is right!!) and make a right. Go down a few blocks (can’t remember the street) and watch for a conglomeration of vehicles on a street to your right in the distance. That’s the place.

    Or you could phone them. I have a number: 999-307-0299

    Good luck!

  6. Thanks William, Yes it is definitely Rafaellos we liked & so much we ordered another to follow its just that we are so seldom in that area these days. Bella Roma on the other hand is closer to us, we have heard about it from friends & always planned to try it one evening, making a booking in advance is also needed, we had friends go there on their anniversary only to be turned away, so its one busy place thanks for the directions & #.

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