The Casual Restaurant Critic at Crabster in Progreso

Crabster is the newest addition to the food scene in Progreso, which until now, has been made up entirely of plastic Coca Cola chairs, familial service (cousins and siblings doing the serving with no training whatsoever) and the same tired menus at each and every restaurant. Thankfully, they have taken the bar and raised it substantially, which means you can now have a great meal right on the malecon in Progreso!

A recent visit impressed the Critic – the menu is vast, the actual restaurant is beautiful and the service is professional. The food? Fantastic. Highly recommended when you want to take someone to a civilized lunch or dinner overlooking the waterfront and not be kicking dogs or cats under your table or getting your food as it comes out of the kitchen meaning everyone in your party eats at a different time.

Enjoy the photos and plan a trip to Progreso’s Crabster soon!


15 thoughts on “The Casual Restaurant Critic at Crabster in Progreso

  1. As always, thanks for the report , Bill. I usually just ignore Progreso when I have thoughts of a good meal. But this looks worth a trip. Will give it a try soon.


  2. Hi John,

    Prices are commensurate (good word huh and thank you Daria) with what you get. This is not a ‘cheap’ place but it’s a quality operation from top to bottom. You can find cheaper options along the coast which would be fine for a first time visitor like yourself, but one tends to get tired after a while of eating the same stuff over and over at plastic tables with crappy service. This is a nice place to take someone out for dinner or lunch.

  3. Yes Robert, you should give this place a try. I liked Elio al Mare when it was good, and would drive from Merida to have dinner there at sunset, but no more. Crabster is worth a visit for sure!

  4. I am going to disagree with your review of Crabsters. We went in December and the meal was not great at all, it was probably the worst one we had in the two months we were in Merida.

  5. That’s terrible, Sharon! What happened to make it the worst meal in two months? It’s not hard to have an awful experience in Progreso, but it surprises me that it would be there at Crabster!

  6. We went to Crabsters with a friend for dinner. Both my husband and our friend were sick after eating there.

  7. After reading your review, Neurotic Foreigner suits you perfectly. Please, remember, you’re in Yucatán. Your comments about a “civilized lunch or dinner” are totally out of place and offensive. Adapt to your environment, open your mind and learn from your host country. Please.

  8. I appreciate the comment and can assure you my mind is wide open. Perhaps ‘civilized’ is a poor choice of words. But Progreso deserves better than the sub-par, thrown-together, supremely casual and unprofessional offerings so typical of a beach area here. There is a place for them of course and they can be charming, but I applaud Crabster for raising the bar.

  9. Delicioso! Lo único es que recomendaría siempre reservar antes de ir sobre todo si vas en domingo por qué se llena

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